The City of Fort Smith Speakers Bureau is a resource for civic groups and other organizations interested in learning about city services. Feel free to contact any of these individuals to find out how they can help you in your Civic Club Conversations

From the Administrator's Desk
Ray Gosack, City Administrator
City administrator Ray Gosack can discuss a number of topics, including local governance, specific issues facing Fort Smith, or the municipal government's role in economic development.

City of Good Neighbors Volunteer Program
Brenda Andrews, Senior Planner

GIS - Understanding How Mapping Technology Simplifies Your Life
Russell Gibson, ITS-GIS
This presentation can be tailored to audiences with highly technical backgrounds in Geographic Information Systems or for groups who aren’t even sure what GIS means. The presenters show how GIS matters in each citizen’s everyday life.

What's Happening at Your Parks
Jennifer Oberste, Recreation Supervisor

Surviving a Hostage Situation
Cpl. William K. Ohm, FSPD
Due to the sensitive nature of this information, this presentation is only available to the business community.

CSI The Behind Bank Robberies - Prevention & Awareness
Det. Rob Schibbelhut, FSPD
This program is designed specifically for area bank branches and is geared to discuss how law enforcement agencies and federal investigators respond and analyze crime scenes, and how employees and customers can help solve the cases.

Active Shooter Response for the Community: Intro to A.L.i.C.E. Techniques (2 hrs)
Cpl. Wes Milam, Crime Prevention, FSPD
This class is for businesses, schools, universities, or other organizations in order to develop a proactive response to an active shooter. The class also encourages participants to develop policy and procedures for an active shooter response and provides models for doing so. The class is based on recommendations from the US Dept of Homeland Security, International Chiefs of Police, and the New York Police Department on how to respond to an active shooter situtation. Minimum class time is two hours and includes lecture as well as practical exercises.

Senior Citizen Safety: Tips and Suggestions to Prevent Victimization
Cpl. Wes Milam, Crime Prevention, FSPD

Gang Awareness
Sergeant Chris Harris, FSPD

911 Education Program - When, and When Not, to Call 911
CALEA Communication Coordinator Samantha Wagner

A discussion About Drug Abuse, Common Street Drugs of Abuse in Fort Smith, Pharmaceutical Drugs of Abuse, and Current Narcotic trends in Fort Smith.
Detective Corporal Paul M. Smith, Narcotics Unit, FSPD

Cultural Diversity
Major Dean Pitts, FSPD
Administrative Services Commander

Public Transportation - Behind the Scenes
Sue Ruth, Driver Supervisor

It's Not Just About Fighting Fires
Mike Richards, Fire Chief
Fire Chief Mike Richards will explain how the mission of the Fort Smith Fire Department has expanded over the last few years. The Fort Smith Fire Department now delivers an “All Hazards Response” service to the citizens of Fort Smith. “All Hazards Response” includes, but is not limited to, Medical First Response, all types of Rescue (accidents, extrication, high angle, confined space, water, building collapse, etc.), Hazardous Materials, Terrorism Events, Weather Emergencies, etc – just to name a few.

Pride & Tradition - The Fort Smith Fire Department Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps
Tery Graves, Captain, Fort Smith Fire Department Honor Guard
Captain Tery Graves will provide information on the rich history of the fire service and how the FSFD developed its own Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps.

Unified Development Ordinance - Why It Matters To You
Wally Bailey, Development Services Director

Citizen Engagement in Our Government
Tracy Winchell, Communications Manager

Recycling, Conserving, Preserving
Department of Sanitation
Joseph Hopper, Superintendent

B.E.A.T. Health
Sergeant Doug Brooks
This program describes activities of a designated team of officers who utilize a civil law approach in dealing with criminal nuisance properties. The officers’ actions have resulted in significant changes in neighborhoods since utilizing these strategies.

Internet Safety
Sgt. Anthony Bowers, SIU, FSPD
Contact the Computer Forensics Team
This presentation can be geared toward children, teens or adults.

The Role of School Resource Officers
Sgt. Doug Brooks
This program examines the advantages of placement of school resource officers in our schools, the evolution of the school resource program with Fort Smith Public Schools, and highlights the officers who currently serve as school resource officers.

Fort Smith Police Department - Who We Are, Where We're At, and Where We're Going
Chief Kevin Lindsey
This program provides information on the current and future status of the Fort Smith Police Department. Special topics of interest from groups and organizations can be presented in lieu of, or in addition, to this presentation.

Update on the Fire Service Improvement Projects - Progress as Promised
Mike Richards, Fire Chief
Fire Chief Mike Richards will provide an update on the progress of the fire service improvement projects, including Fire Station 11 at Chaffee Crossing, new fire apparatus acquisition and improved response districts, the new fire training facility, and improvements to our older fire stations. He will also explain why this is important to each citizen and the community as a whole.

This Will Blow You Away
Anthony "Skip" Mathews, Bomb Squad Commander, FSFD
Battalion Chief Skip Mathews and members of the Fort Smith Fire Department Bomb Squad will provide information on their unique mission and what to do if you encounter a suspicious package or device.